1. What is the difference between Kstyle and Normal Shirt?
The Kstyle Shirts are made by our in-house tailors. It has an oversized fit, particularly with longer sleeves. On the other hand, the Normal Shirts are the regular-fitting shirts widely used by clothing stores. The brand we use is Gildan. You are free to choose which one suits your style.


2. How do Semi Crop and Full Length Ktsyle Shirt look like?


3. Can I order from this website if I'm not from the Philippines?

For customers outside the Philippines, you have to order through the Group Order system. You may refer to the Group Order Manager's page to check the list of countries. However, if your country is not included on the list, we'll gladly be in touch with you. Just send us a direct message on Twitter (@madeforchuph).


4. Why does the pre-order period and ship out date take so long?

Pre-ordered items are produced with the Group Orders, which take several weeks to complete. We also receive a huge number of orders with different styles, and this greatly contributes to the duration of the production. But once the orders are produced and are fully prepared, they'll be shipped out immediately. As we value your trust and support for our brand, we want to allot time in making sure your orders arrive to you in pristine condition. 


5. Can I order an on-hand item and pre-order item in a single transaction?

Yes. However, both items will only be shipped out once the pre-ordered item is ready. If you are willing to wait for the ship out date of the pre-ordered items, then you may proceed with your order.  


6. Which courier do you use?

We use JRS for local shipping and deliver via DHL and EMS for international shipping.


7. Do you have COD as payment option?

We're sorry, but we don't offer COD as of the moment.


8. Can we order from your previous collections?

We apologize but we're not open on taking orders from our previous collections as of now. But please don't hesitate to ask us on twitter. There might be a change that we open it on the next batch!

9. Where to send my proof of payment?

Please send proof of payment on my email (madeforchu@gmail.com). Put your order # as subject.