Updates as of June 4, 2022

Production started a little late because my supplier was full until the holy week. Production just started last April 18.

April 30 - cut bottoms (fabric) will start with embroidery. production for tops already started. 

May 17 - cut bottoms are done with embroidery and have been sent to the tailor. Sweatshirts, crop sweatshirts, semi crop shirts and normal shirts are currently being embroidered.

June 4 - started to ship out some orders last may30-31. Shipping will be delayed because I tested positive for covid and will need to quarantine for few more days. Thank chu & sorry for the delay :( Will resume shipping once i’m done with quarantine.

Estimated start of shipment will be on the last week of May. Thank chu very much for patiently waiting!

I will post more detailed updates soon. You may check this page from time to time. Thank chu for your support ARMY! <3